The rise of the BattleKongs
DeFi meets play-to-earn in one of the most exciting GameFi concepts on Solana.
Peaking Zombie Kong

The vision

BattleKongs will be the most exciting DeFi network of casual games with the best NFT art and graphics, where the community will be rewarded for playing, collaborating, and contributing. We want to make sure that the community has a vote to decide the direction of the project with us, that's why it'll work in the future as a DAO, after all, this is web3.
Our vision for the future is to make the Kongverse accessible for everyone, even if they are not in the crypto space. We believe we can achieve this by simplifying the process of getting on-board and ensuring an entry price model that allows us to get massive worldwide enrollment while rewarding our community of early holders with high staking rewards. Eventually, BattleKongs is going to be the main platform for developers to launch their games backed by the BK network & NFTs.

The mint

Let's get started

Pre-sale: TBD
Public sale: TBD
Price: TBD
Stay up-to-date on progress and the mint in Discord.
Zombie Kong in Caldium the Kong's desert planet.

The roadmap

Our roadmap presents a snapshot of what we see as our immediate priorities upon hitting certain funding milestones.
BattleKongs NFT club
  • Launch Website, Twitter & Discord (Q4 2021)
  • OG mint: 210 NFTs (Q4 2021)
  • MagicEden listing & owner verification (Q1 2022)
Phase completed.
Launch Phase
  • Keep Battlekongs as an NFT club (Q2 2022)
  • Market the BK brand to grow it's reach (Q2 2022)
  • First minigame involving BattleKongs (Q3 2022)
To complete this part, we'll need to raise 1250 SOL.
Cruise Phase
  • Gamefi platform alpha development (Q3 2022)
  • BattleKong NFT staking for locked Kongonium (Q3 2022)
To complete this part, we'll need to raise 2250 SOL.
Encounter Phase
  • Blockchain-enabled mini game development and launch to earn locked Kongonium and other rewards (Q3 2022)
To complete this part, we'll need to raise 3250 SOL.
Extended Operations Phase
  • Kongonium Token Airdrop to all BK NFT holders (Q4 2022)
  • Additional minigame launch (Q4 2022)
To complete this part, we'll need to raise 4250 SOL.
Landing Phase
  • Form BattleKongs DAO (Q1 2023)
  • DAO decides on additional games & DeFi features (Q1 2023)
To complete this part, we'll need to raise 5000 SOL or more.
Additional ideas supporting a sustainable, long-term approach:
  • Forming alliances: Integrate NFTs from other projects to play in the Kongverse.
  • Marketplace: Trading is quintessential, we want you to be able to trade Kongs and Kong assets in an integrated BK marketplace.
  • Brand collabs: Pimp your Kong with branded limited editions accessories.
  • Kong art: We want to go beyond PFP gaming assets and offer real BattleKong art along the way.
  • Story-Driven approach: We are telling the story of the BattleKongs in a visual comic-like manner through our game launches.

The team

We are a group of indie developers, gamers, web3 advocates, and monkey enthusiasts. We believe the fusion of NFTs, DeFi, and P2E games provides a unique way of getting new members onboarded into a decentralized world while rewarding them for their interactions. Let's build!
Gibbxn Kong.
@gibbxn — Tech Kong & Founder
Tech product leader and startup advisor, built Asia's largest healthcare platform, crypto since '13.
Xguroo Kong
@xguroo — Biz Kong & Founder
Fintech entrepreneur with +100 visited countries, Racecar driver, guest professor and creator of the first blockchain and web3 course for a top university.
Changoloco Kong
@changoloco.chl — Art Kong & Founder
Born as a Kong. His life's mission is to help humans remember their roots through art.
@figs — PMO & Founder
Project manager, kingpin engineer, crypto investor. Modeling process and systems on web3. Don't worry, I can figs it!
@nikolay — Community Lead
He lives and breaths NFTs and communities. Ping him in our Discord channel if you have any questions at all.
@KozyKoalasNFT — Marketing Advisors
3,333 Kozy Koalas from the KozyKoala DAO, the friendlist DAO around, is working with us to bring the BattleKongs vision to life.
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